The cabbage soup was prepared ……...plop…….Into the containers and into the fridge.  She kept one bowl out for tea.  Microwave for a couple of minutes, a couple of slices of wholemeal bread, mmmn.  She held the silver spoon up to her mouth, as she scooped in the dribbling cabbage soup.  It was piping hot, but tasted good.  Not bad…...not bad at all.  She  devoured the soup, spoonful after spoonful and soon the bowl was empty.  She wiped the bread around the bowl to absorb any trace of leftovers that may have been left.

Will I do it this time?…….will I lose those unwanted pounds on the cabbage diet soup?

As she looked down onto her bitty shiny spoon, she could see her face all fat and distorted with big eyes.  She moved her lips and spoke out loud to herself, the famous last words
"I can do it and I will do it".

To be continued………..

Short story by Maggi Robinson
Copyright 2000