Be organised.  Make sure there is always plenty of fresh fruit in the house so that you have no excuse to eat badly.  Keep low fat snacks handy for emergencies.  Slice carrots into 2-inch sticks with cucumber and celery sticks and store in small food bags in the fridge.  Try and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables each day.  Most of them are full of
goodness and fibre and are very low in calories.  Make your own low fat chips for a treat.  Undercook a jacket potato and cut into large chips or wedges then grill for a few minutes.  For an extra treat top with low fat grated cheese -  delicious. 

If you have a lapse of willpower it is not the end of the world.  The most important thing is to keep going.  A lapse does not have to spell the end of your healthy eating plan. 

Think positive - think yourself slim.  Look into the mirror and imagine yourself slim, always have positive thoughts.  I can do it and I want to do it! 

Drink lots of fresh water each day; bottled or straight out of the tap it doesn't really matter which.  Try it with a splash of lemon and ice cube, very refreshing.

Be consistent with your calorie intake.  Do not eat excessively one day and just nibble or skip meals the next.  Follow a sensible eating plan and don't be too ambitious about your ideal weight target.  Enjoying good health is not just about keeping your weight down, but keeping it stable.  Never get too relaxed about the quantities you are eating.

Keep a pound of butter or lard in the fridge to remind you what it looks like.  Imagine those pounds piling up as your weight comes off.

Finally most important of all remember that you are more likely to succeed if you are
aiming to please yourself rather than other people.

When you are out smile at people and you will find they smile back and always

'Remember - nothing tastes as good as being slim feels'.