Marks & Spencer

Pick & Mix Cheeses, per item

Vintage Cheddar    103
Mature Cheddar    123
Mild Cheddar    144
Leicester    140
Stilton     102
Smoked Cheese    92
Dutch Edam    59
Roule     54

Cottage Cheese Per Pot

99% Fat Free Pineapple 200g  152
Chive 227g    179
Coronation Chicken 200g   224
Lite 227g    179
Lite 454g    359
Natural 227g    225
Prawn 200g    212

Per 1oz/28g, unless otherwise stated

Buffalo Morzzarella   81
Cashel Blue    96
Chevre Log    90
Delice de Bourgogne   109
Doolin     110
Half fat Slices, each   98
Livarot     84
Matured Cheddar Slices, each  124
Orange Grove    108
Reduced Fat Cheese Spread Portions 50
Reduced fat Slices, each   41
Talleggio     132
Torta Gorgonzola    115

Cheese Spread, per 28g/1oz
Unless otherwise stated

All flavours, per 20g Pick & Mix Tube 52
Chives or Ham    72
Light plain    47
Light with Garlic & Herbs   47
Plain     73
Shrimp or Onion    72
Ultra Light    38
Ultra Plus with Herbs   39

Cheese Spread, per pack

Primula 200g    510
Primula Light 200g   328
Primula Ultra Light 150g   200
Primula Ultra Plus with Herbs 15g  205

St Ivel

Shape Hard Cheese, per 28g/1oz

Cheddar Mild    74
Cheddat Mature    74

Shape Low Fat Cottage Cheese
Per 227g Pot

Cheese Onion & Chive   204
Cherry Tomato  Basil   165

St Ivel Layered Cottage Cheese
Per 180g Pot

Prawns In Thousand Island Dressing 263
Roasted Vegatable Salsa   144

Sun-Pat Dairy Cheese Spread per

28g/1oz  85   


Healthy Eating Cheese per 28g/1oz, unless otherwise stated

Extra Light Soft cheese   37
Half Fat Cheddar    71   
Half Fat Farmhouse    75
Half Fat Red Leicester   74
Light Soft Cheese   56
Low fat Triangles, each   26
Processed Cheese Slices, each  39
Roule     53

Vegetarian cheese, per 28g/1oz

Cheddar     117
Edam     95
Stilton     117

Healthy Eating Cottage Cheese,
Per 250g pt, unless otherwise stated

Black Pepper    203
Garlic & Herb    200
Mango & Peach    188
Natural 125g    98
Natural 250g    195
Pineapple    188
Salmon & Dill 200g   178

Weight Watchers Per 28g/1oz

Reduced Fat Mature Cheese  86
Reduced Fat Mild Cheese      86


Wrap cheeses loosely in waxed or greaseproof paper rather than cling film.  This will allow the cheese to breathe and not dry out.

Wrap blue cheese all over to prevent mould spores spreading.

Take cheese out of the fridge half an hour before eating to allow the flavour and aroma to develop.

When adding grated cheese to a sauce, take off the heat as this prevents it going stringy.