Children can be bullied for many different reasons.  Bullying for any reason is totally un-acceptable.  Children do not have to face this on their own. 

If you are being bullied or know of someone at your school or college being bullied for whatever reason discuss it with your form or class teacher.  If you are the child being bullied keep a diary or journal of all the incidents that occur in or outside your school buildings.  In most cases parents will be consulted and the child who is doing the bullying will be spoken to and asked to fill out a form or questionnaire.  This normally should be all that is needed.  In the event that the bullying persists and the child's health is being affected it may be necessary to visit a GP. 

As bullying is now considered a serious problem most schools/colleges take a zero tolerance towards bullies.  Therefore no child should be subjected to this form of treatment.  Where schools fail to stop bullying parents should contact the Board of School Governor's at their child's school or the LEA (Local Education Authority).


Parent Line Plus 0808 800 2222

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