Children's lunch suggestions

Jacket Potato with a choice of fillings

1 large baking potato
2 large tbsp red kidney beans
2 salad onions chopped
1 large spoonful of low fat mayonnaise
2 large spoons plain cottage cheese
Salt and black pepper.

Microwave the potato until the flesh is soft.  Cut the potato in half and scoop out the flesh.  Mash it lightly with the kidney beans, onion, cottage cheese, mayonnaise and season to taste.

Pile the mixture back into the potato shells and return them to the microwave and gently reheat.

Serves one

Substitute the filling above for a small can of baked beans.  Add a spoonful of Dijon mustard.  Mix with the potato flesh.  Put back into the shells and grate 1 oz low fat cheese over the top.  Pop back into the microwave until the cheese has melted.

Can also be substituted for tuna.  Mix the tuna with a large spoonful of mayonnaise 
and small amount of sweet corn.